My name is Mattia Sanfilippo and this is my developer blog.
I’m from Turin, Italy, but that doesn’t matter because now thanks to the online communities it’s easy to be in touch with people from all over the world.
I’ll tell you a little about my career.
I started immediately after graduating in computer science to work for a consulting company in the automotive sector.
I have been a fullstack developer for a long time, and I have been involved in both functional analysis and actual development, but also the deployment on our customers’ servers!

In the last year in that company I have also been able to develop an entire app for Android devices, managing both the mobile and backend part.
On my own, I wanted to follow a nanodegree at Udacity.
After four years, I decided I wanted to specialize in Frontend development, so I started taking courses on the most used frameworks (or libraries) such as React, Angular and Vue.js.
So I started taking various courses on Egghead, FrontendMasters and Coursera. I highly recommend subscribing to these e-learning platforms, especially the first two if you want to improve your skills and excel in development and soft skills.
Subsequently, after getting involved again, I wanted to take the opportunity to join the Oval team, a platform that allows you to accumulate and invest your money with caution.
The project interested me very much and I couldn’t wait to get started!
There I really learned a lot, from mastering React Native to perfecting skills in JavaScript, TypeScript and functional programming in general.

After almost a year, I was offered to join a team at H-FARM, a very large company with an unrivaled campus of innovation and culture.
I currently work here at H-FARM and continue to develop in JavaScript, particularly in the Frontend and mobile area with React Native.
How will my story continue? I’ll find out just by trying to improve myself and my skills, experimenting and learning from mistakes day by day.
Thanks for coming to read this far. I hope I haven’t annoyed you too much and have given you enough information about my career.
See you soon!